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Official Guide to the Loxahatchee River and Jupiter Outdoors  

 Loxahatchee River .net -- Your Coastal Connection!

Local Wildlife

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Native Wildlife

Jupiter, FL:  For the nature enthusiast, there are a wide variety of diverse ecosystems that co-exist in our region.  A very unique attribute of the Loxahatchee River is that it contains three distinct water characteristics: salt water, brackish water, and fresh water;  including many species of plant and animal life that intermingle between these distinct regions.

The river borders Jonathan Dickinson State Park on a portion of its north and western extremities, linking the park and river system to many diverse eco-systems just waiting to be explored.

An excerpt from the DEP newsletter "The Post" regarding the Loxahatchee River:
"Along the river and within the park is coastal sand pine scrub, a biological community so rare it is designated "globally imperiled." Other habitat types found within the watershed include pinelands, hardwood hammock, freshwater marsh, wet prairie, cypress swamps, mangrove swamps, seagrass beds, tidal flats, oyster beds, xeric oak scrub and coastal dunes. These habitats support diverse biological communities including many endangered and threatened species such as the manatee and the four-petal pawpaw, a tree found only in Martin and Palm Beach counties."

When you venture outdoors in these coastal environments , don't forget your camera!  Depending on whether you're on the water or in the woods, you will commonly see many of the following critters:

Manatees, sharks, rays, alligators, snakes, otters, deer, raccoons, bats and bobcats. Sea turtles (off-shore), gopher tortoise, box turtles, soft shell turtle, red bellied slider.  Birds such as pelicans, gulls, ospreys, herons, ibis, egrets, anhinga, storks, cranes, and limpkins.  Also, owls, hawks, eagles, snail kites, scrub jays, wild turkeys and many more:  FWC Species & Profiles


Species List for the Loxahatchee River
and Lake Worth Creek Aquatic Preserve:
 (216 KB)

Department of Environmental Protection 

Florida Wildlife Legacy Initiative: 


Free Posters are now available for download -
courtesy of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC).

These Posters can be found on the FWC web site
(check their web site for new additions).

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Posters Available:* Right-click and Select "Save":
Bald Eagles

Bald Eagle-Full (4.41MB)

Manatees Manatee Poster (487kb)
Sea Turtles (found on Florida Beaches)

Sea Turtles - Florida (437Kb)

Help Baby Sea Turtles found on Florida Beaches Help Baby Sea Turtles.pdf

Shark Poster-Full (2.07MB)

Blue Land Crabs Blue Land Crab Poster.pdf (3.12MB)
 * Please visit the FWC web site for updates...

Free Posters are now available for download -
courtesy of the Loxahatchee River District

These Lifecycle Posters can be found on the web site for The River Center (Resources page).
(check their web site for new additions)

The River Center

 Posters Available:*  Right-click and Select "Save":
 Sea Grass (small poster)  Seagrasses poster 8.5x11.pdf
 Sea Grass (large poster)  Seagrasses poster 11x17.pdf
 Oysters  Oyster poster.pdf
 Tarpon  Tarpon poster.pdf
 Bonefish  Bonefish poster.pdf
 Blue Land Crabs  Blue Land Crab poster.pdf
 Coral Reef's Poster  Coral Reef poster.pdf
  * Please visit the River Center web site for updates...

FWC - Florida Marine Turtle Program web site:
 FWC Sea Turtle Decal 2009

FWC - Alligator Management Program web site:

(Florida Chart of Historic Alligator Bites on Humans)

 FWC Alligator Management Program

FWC - Manatee Education and Information site:

PBC ERM - Manatee Info page:

Free Manatee Wallpaper images for Computers and Smart Phones: New!

 FWC - Manatee Education


Florida's Aquatic Preserves:

 Link to Site Pages
USGS Critters for Kids - Learn about local critters:


Overview of the...

Loxahatchee River Estuary (click here)

Loxahatchee River

Jupiter Inlet and Loxahatchee River - Jupiter, FL (photo courtesy of

 Gopher Tortoise - found by the RiverGopher Tortoise Burrow - Jonathan Dickinson State ParkAll Photos Copyright © 2008
A Gopher Tortoise and Gopher Tortoise burrow -- lots of other critters share the tortoise's home. Many of these reptiles can be seen in Jonathan Dickinson State Park and along the upper Loxahatchee River. They prefer dry sandy soil, cabbage palms, and pine scrub terrain.

The Florida Scrub-Jay:

Florida Scrub-Jay

Jonathan Dickinson State Park has the largest amount of protected scrub-jay habitat in southeastern Florida. The Florida Scrub-Jay is the only bird species unique to Florida, as well as the scrub-jay’s unique and interesting habitat. The Florida scrub-jay currently is federally listed as a threatened species.  Scrub-jays are bold, curious, charismatic and true Florida natives. 


Everglades Flora & Fauna:



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