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Official Guide to the Loxahatchee River and Jupiter Outdoors  

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Fishing  Jupiter, FL

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The Latest issue of the FWC
 2014 Saltwater Fishing Regulations are now available online:

Saltwater Fishing Regulations - July to December 2013
Quick links and charts listing all species regulations::

  The entire pamphlet can be view at this link:

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Manatee Speed Zone Maps (Palm Beach and Martin County):
Palm Beach County Manatee Speed Zones
Martin County Manatee Speed Zones
Lobster seasons is open. The commercial and recreational season starts Aug. 6 and runs through March 31:

(6/1/14) Atlantic snook to close in state, federal waters on Juine 1st:

Spinner sharks vs blacktips, bull shark vs sandbar shark, what's the difference?

New application brings Fishing Rules to iPhones:    
How to find fish anywhere (the 3 P's - Points, Pockets, and Passes):

Consistently inconsistent' fishing regulations confuse anglers:

New shark management changes for Tiger shark, hammerheads start Jan. 1, 2012:
The recreational and commercial harvest of tiger sharks and smooth, scalloped and great hammerhead sharks will be prohibited in Florida state waters:

Catching and Releasing a Tarpon:

 Blue Marlin Jump Shot - Copyright (R. Rutstein) 2007







 Mutton Snapper - Jupiter, FL

The Jupiter, FL area hosts some of the best year-round fishing in the South.  For inshore fishing action, check out the Jupiter Inlet, Indian River Lagoon, and the Loxahatchee River.  Be sure to purchase your saltwater fishing license, if required.


Common Snook - Illustration and Copyright by Diane Rome Peebles 

Inshore Fishing 

Jupiter, should be called "the Snook capital of Southeast Florida". The Jupiter Inlet, Loxahatchee River and the Indian River Lagoon is home to some of the best Snook fishing around. The abundance of mangrove-lined waterways in the far reaches of the Loxahatchee River and its estuaries are a perfect breeding ground for snook and many other fish species. Large schools of snook can almost always be found around the north and south jetties of the Jupiter Inlet. Their movement follows the incoming and outgoing tides. Catch or purchase live bait such as pinfish, and you're almost guaranteed some "rod-bending" action!

LoxahatcheeRiver Fishing

Jupiter is known for its inshore fishing which begins at the Jupiter Inlet and works it's way through the intracoastal waterway and up the three forks of the Loxahatchee River.

In addition, just a short trip North, along the intracoastal waterway towards Hobe Sound, yields an area known as "Marker 42" where one can catch northern Florida fish species such as Red Drum (Redfish) and Sea Trout as well as our southern favorites like Snook, Tarpon, Ladyfish and more.

There are numerous bait and tackle shops in the area that are eager to advise and outfit you for a fabulous day of world-class fishing. Local knowledge is helpful in order to pick the best time of day, tides, bait and tackle to go after specific fish species in our area.

There are endless opportunities for the fishing enthusiast. Our inshore waters hold many fish species such as snook, tarpon, ladyfish, jacks, pompano, redfish, black drum, sea-trout, bluefish, mangrove & mutton snappers, grouper, sheepshead, sharks, rays, and more! Certain species are more prevalent in winter months following the mullet runs into the river. In March 2010, we even had a month-long run of Tripletail in the river, ranging in size from about 6 to 12 pounds! There are surprise catches just waiting for YOU.

If you have the luxury of fishing anytime -- choose weekdays, as the "weekend warriors" come out in full force on Saturdays and Sundays. There is nothing worse than casting or live-baiting on a school of fish and having a speeding boat or jet ski run over your lines, or scare the fish.

Fishing at night along docks and bridges, usually provides good action around the lights. Shrimp and bait fish are attracted to the light, and so are larger members of the food chain, such as Snook. The smaller Snook feed under the lights, the larger (smarter) Snook tend to hang a little deeper, in the shadow-line. Live and artificial shrimp work great, as well as live pinfish & finger mullet. I've had the best luck fishing during the incoming or out-going tides at the "mid-high to mid-low" range.

Since snook are one of the most popular game fish in our area; we have provided additional information on the following link(s) for your reading pleasure:

The Snook Foundation -

The Loxahatchee River provides unique fishing opportunities along it's many channels, sandbars, canals, mangrove lined shores and estuaries. In addition, you can actually drive up the NW Fork of the river and experience saltwater, brackish, and fresh water species along the way as you venture farther upstream. The farthest reaches of the river wind through mangrove islands, shoals, oyster bars, and offer many unique aquatic eco-systems that change along the way. These backwater areas are a perfect venue for fishing out of kayaks, canoes, and smaller vessels.

Boats up to 31 ft. in length are commonly seen in the backwater areas as well, but use your own discretion. Local knowledge, navigation skills, and draft of your vessel play a large part in fishing areas of the Loxahatchee River. There is a big variation between low and high tides, especially around full moons, so pay attention, stay within the marked channels, and watch your speed and depth. The northwest fork of the river can be misleading because the depth can change from 15-18 feet in one section to 2-3 feet deep in others. Luckily, there were new channel markers installed in 2010 and this makes navigation a bit easier.

In addition to the depth, pay close attention to the manatee and speed zone signage. Please keep an eye out for Manatees, especially during the winter months as they seek warmer (inland) waters for protection.
If you see any dead, injured, or harassed manatees, call the FWC Wildlife Alert number: 1-888-404-FWCC.

Loxahatchee River Speed Zones


 Fishing Boat - NW Fork Loxahatchee River - RBR (c) 2009
 Dawn Patrol - NW Fork Loxahatchee River © 2009


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