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Official Guide to the Loxahatchee River and Jupiter Outdoors  

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  Jupiter History

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Early Photo of the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse - FL State Archives 
Early Photo of the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse - Source: Florida State Archives


For history buffs, our area has a very colorful past; including world famous explorerers such as Ponce de Leon. There's also the famous shipwreck of Jonathan Dickinson, a Quaker merchant. In his journal, he documented the story about their shipwreck, and how his family and crew were held captive for several days by cannibals! We even had Spanish Galleons disappear off our shores only to be discovered hundreds of years later -- hence the nickname of "The Treasure Coast". The river was also home to the Seminole Indians, along with other Native American cultures dating back thousands of years. Our most famous landmark is the Jupiter Lighthouse, built in the mid-1800's; there were old military forts, and indian wars, including the historic "battle of the Loxahatchee". In the 1930's we even had our own Tarzan-like character known as Trapper Nelson - the "Wild man of the Loxahatchee" who lived at the headwaters of the Northwest fork of the river. There are stories of encounters with German submarines along our coast during WWII, along with many sunken ships in the 1940's. If you would like to explore our historical past, then journey back in time with us by clicking one of the links below:







 Recommend Reading - Jupiter History Books:

Early Image - Jupiter Lighthouse
Early Photo - Jupiter Lighthouse - FL State Archives
Photo Source: Florida State Archives


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Historical Vignettes:

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Jonathan Dickinson's Journal:
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Old Photo of a Fisherman with Tarpon
Tarpon Fisherman Photo
Photographer: unknown




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